“The work Ollie Malone did for my company had a direct bearing on our success.  He has a magical ability to make people feel that he is listening and is sympathetic while also demanding accountability and responsibility from them.  I benefited greatly from his guidance.”

Gary Klein, Ph.D., Founder, Klein Associates
Author, The Power of Intuition, Sources of Power, Working Minds:  A Practitioner’s Guide to Cognitive Task Analysis.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ollie Malone for a number of years in his capacity as VP, Organizational Design and Development with the Pennzoil-Quaker State Company. Ollie has a gift for creating unique opportunities for both analysis and for problem solving. His ability to influence people for positive outcomes and results are at the top of his profession.”

Mark Esselman
Senior Vice President
Human Resources

“Dr. Malone’s coaching is rooted in both scholarship and common sense with a capstone of good humor.  He has helped my team to see themselves in new ways and to drive for behavior change that benefits us as a collective and as individuals.”

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt,
Vice President, Global Corporate Citizenship

“Dr. Malone consulted with Klein for many years. His insights, facilitation and people skills are unmatched in my experience. He can communicate effectively at any level of an organization with grace and confidence.”

Steve Gabbard
Chief Financial Officer
Klein Associates

“Dr. Ollie Malone is an exceptional facilitator and OD practitioner. His insights on organization behavior, performance and group dynamics are truly valuable to any client organization.”

Guillermo Gutierrez
Manager, HR and Diversity
Kohler Company

“Ollie and I worked together training senior executives at the Boeing Leadership Center in St. Louis. A fascinating, outgoing, well-informed consultant and speaker, Ollie did an truly excellent job in his sessions.”

George Smart
Managing Partner

As a Manager in Leadership Development, I worked closely with Dr. Malone designing an experiential learning program to help my company’s leaders approach market concerns with sophisticated strategies and innovative solutions. The learning program Dr. Malone helped my organization create was an amazing learning venue which challenged our managers to work within groups and identify working solutions to our business needs.

Through Dr. Malone’s facilitation of the program, the ideas submitted through our learning program have led to major changes in our company’s business practices, and our approach to the changing markets. Dr. Malone’s work within our organization set the standard for developing our managers and has been adopted throughout the entire company.

Dr. Malone is a true visionary, an excellent facilitator, and an extremely knowledgeable leader in the field of Human Resource Development.

Monica Golding-Young