Two new Executive Coaching Services!

We are excited to announce two new Executive Coaching services for our current and future clients: Leadership Tune-Up® and Coach-On-Site®.

Leadership Tune-Up®
Effective leaders recognize the fact that leadership is a dynamic science.  That is, the requirements of leadership change based on economic, cultural, individual, and systemic factors.  As a result of this realization, Olive Tree Associates has created the Leadership Tune-Up process, designed to help leaders gain valuable information regarding their current leadership effectiveness and means through which that effectiveness can and should be enhanced.  This multi-phase process consists of assessments, interviews, and a day of substantial feedback.
Call with any questions or to discuss the pricing structure for this critical leadership tool.

Coach On-Site®
The Coach On-Site® process is designed to provide an in-house coach in your organization for a minimum of one day or a maximum of five days per month.  The coach’s time can be scheduled with eligible employees to provide the type of coaching that the employee may require without creating lengthy or long-term contracts.  These services can be performed on-site or may also be conducted via telephone or video teleconference.
Coach On-Site®–an excellent way to provide your employees with the type of coaching that will enable them to make significant progress.  Call for more information.