Leadership Development

“We See a Leadership Shortage Ahead”

When a large financial services firm considered the future of leadership in their organization, they were concerned.  Despite hiring the “best and brightest” for the past several years, they realized that nearly 60% of their highest performing leaders were positioned to retire in the next five years.  Despite regular hiring efforts, this organization was significantly short of the number of leaders it needed in order to address the complex challenges envisioned in the future.

When Olive Tree Associates was contacted, we saw this as both a great challenge and a great opportunity.  The challenge was to create a process that would result in significant growth for 50-60 individuals who were believed to have leadership potential.

This call also represented a significant opportunity.  If we could identify some of the key issues that the present leadership imagined for the future and have the potential leaders address these issues in an action-learning process, the organization could move significantly forward on several fronts.

And that is what OTA created.  Using an action-learning approach, the sixty participants in the leadership development program were divided into teams that were led by individuals identified as high potential leaders.  These high potential leaders received individual assessments, internal coaching and coaching from the OTA consultant at key points in the process.

The result:  Each of the teams presented their analysis and their recommendations to senior executives with rave reviews coming from the executives in attendance.  One of the measures of the success of these efforts was the degree to which the executives would agree to sponsor the follow-on efforts recommended by the teams.  Every team received executive support and sponsorship and these ideas are well on their way to implementation today.

The leaders participating have also been very successful with the majority of them receiving promotions and opportunities throughout the organization.

These development dollars were well-invested—both for the present and for the years to come.

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