Reconsidering Mergers—Day One and Beyond

executive briefingSuccessfully navigating all of the necessary actions to prepare for day one is a major accomplishment—one, when successfully accomplished, should be the cause for great celebration.

But the celebration is just the beginning.

Our experience has shown that too many organizations complete Day One activities as if they possess a magical quality that, simply by their existence, have redefined life in the new organization.

Not so.

The newly-formed organization–like any newly-birthed entity—needs the ongoing oversight that ensures that the promises made with the merger are the promises that the merger keeps.

Our work is designed to ensure that the newly-formed organization integrates the merger-related promises into the way it functions, so that the goals and objectives of the merger don’t remain as a part of a printed document, but become part and parcel of the organization’s new life.

Working with organizational leaders, we support the creation of the standards, challenges, and results-monitoring that will help your organization say, with confidence, that you are delivering on your promises.

Like the challenges that precede Day One, the ongoing organizational challenges are with a variety of groups at a variety of levels.

Leaders must challenge the organization with a new agenda, new messages, and new ways of thinking and being;

Shareholders must see that their aspirations for the organization are well within the purview of leaders and that mechanisms are in place to usher those aspirations into reality;

Customers want new, better, cheaper, and faster solutions and want the confidence that this new entity can do just that.

Employees want the confidence that the newly-formed organization is far better than its predecessor—on multiple levels.

We can help you deliver on the promises for all of these groups.

Call us. We’re ready, reasonable, and results-focused.