Developing a Profitable Diversity Focus

Early organizational diversity efforts focused on creating a work environment where individuals could work across artificial boundaries of race, gender, ethnicity, and other forms of difference.

Our focus on diversity, however, focuses on the transformation of organizational energy, effort, and results through the use of a diversity lens.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, shares a compelling story about an organization that came to realize that their organizational future was wholly dependent upon diversity.  That organization realized that if it was going to succeed in complex economic times in which it existed, it would do so through leveraging its diversity.

Rather than buying into the age-old binary notion of “this-or-that,” this organization chose a radical approach—“this AND that—and that, too.”  By taking a more inclusive approach to its product mix, it was able to identify and serve markets that were previously uninterested in their products.  Their profitability, likewise, skyrocketed through the use of this one notion—diversity in a business context is a good thing.  Their product?  Spaghetti sauce.

It is likely that your product mix is far greater than spaghetti sauce alone  If it is, it reinforces our point all the more—you need an inclusive strategy that allows you to take advantage of the divergent views in your organization and fall in love with them.

These divergent views will allow you to identify new opportunities sooner, capitalize on those ideas and amaze both your allies and enemies with your ability to give your markets what they require.

We would welcome the opportunity of working with your organization to help you develop a profitable diversity focus.

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