When your organization needs to refine its effectiveness, we will work with you to ensure that it achieves that very aim.  Whether oiling the gears or removing rust, our workshops are designed for your organization’s effectiveness.

As we assess the needs of your organization with you, we will create a custom workshop for you.  The workshop includes highly-interactive learning experiences, individual planning and reflection, and specific experiences after the workshop that are designed to reinforce and extend what your organization has learned.

If desired, we can also design experiences for leaders to ensure that leaders are focusing on the right areas and reinforcing through their leadership agendas.

In addition to our custom workshops, we have several pre-designed workshops focused on key business skills, please view our current list below.

Pre-Designed Workshops

    Ongoing Innovation

    A one-day workshop designed to introduce your organization to the essential dynamics and behaviors associated with creating an organization where innovation and innovative ideas are the norm.  Workshop includes numerous tools and post-workshop actions designed to make innovation an ongoing reality.

    Working Through Change

    This workshop, lasting one day, focuses on the leader’s action during times of change.  Based on more than 25  years of research and practical experience, it will give your leaders the knowledge, skills, tools, and the critical behaviors to make effective change management more than rhetoric.

    Diversity: Leveraging Its Power for Positive Results

    This workshop is designed to help your organization audit and improve its practices of diversity management.  Lasting from one to three days, the workshop focuses on individual behaviors, team interactions, and issues associated with diversity effectiveness in the entire organization.   An excellent learning experience.

    Building High Performance Teams for Customer Impact

    Without customers, most businesses would not survive.  But how do you interact with these customers in such a way that their needs are satisfied, the organization’s needs are well-addressed, and employees are growing and developing along the way?  Let this two-day workshop show you how.

    Consulting Skills Workshop

    This workshop is designed for those whose roles require them to work in a consulting capacity.  It consists of two three-day sessions that are separated by one to two months.  Practical in nature, it requires individuals to not only learn the materials, but to apply them in real-world situations.  The workshop is especially effective for human resources or information technology professionals.

    Facilitating Effective Task Teams

    Often individuals are asked to lead a task team but not provided the tools to make that team’s work a success.  This workshop addresses that need.  The task team’s work is broken down into four phases and individuals learn how to manage each of the phases for optimal outcomes.  Lasting one-day, this workshop will get your teams starting well and thereby increasing the likelihood for long-term success.

    Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions

    The art of giving and receiving feedback is core to any leader’s effectiveness.  But few of us have learned how to demonstrate this art well.  This half-day workshop will fill the need.  Learning to deliver feedback in such a way that the recipient is engaged, clear, and empowered for action is the overriding goal of this workshop.